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Friends of the Indianapolis Cultural Trail

June 13, 2016   |  Categorized in



Thousands of people use the Indianapolis Cultural Trail: A legacy of Gene & Marilyn Glick every single day. Some of them live right here in Indiana and some are traveling from all across the US to spend some time with us in the Circle City.

Everyday, Indianapolis Cultural Trail, Inc., has one purpose: ensure that the Indianapolis Cultural Trail: A Legacy of Gene and Marilyn Glick is a beautifully maintained and vibrant community asset connecting people and places in downtown Indianapolis. And at the same time, we’re here to make sure the Trail enriches the lives of Indianapolis residents and visitors by providing a beautiful connection to each other, culture, art and healthy living.

Our team is passionate about the Cultural Trail! And we want you to know something: We need YOUR help.

Become a Friend of the Indianapolis Cultural Trail

Starting today we’ll be sharing stories from the Cultural Trail. Stories that we hope will remind you of  the impact the Trail has had on our city and encourage you do to what you can to support the future of this beautiful connector in downtown Indianapolis. Check back every week for new videos!

If you are one of the thousands of people who use the Trail on a daily basis, we want you to be our Friend.

A gift of:

$5/month will: help us keep the Trail clean of litter and graffiti.

$10/month will: make sure we are able to keep the Trail well lit so everyone feels safe

$15/month will: ensure the Trail is clear and accessible 365/24/7

$20/month will: keep the gardens along the Trail beautiful year-round

Watch People of the Trail Stories