Snow Removal


Indianapolis Cultural Trail, Inc. (ICT, Inc.) ensures that the Trail is clear of snow and ice during the winter months. Snowfalls of two inches (2”) or more will be plowed and environmentally friendly deicing material will be applied when winter weather is imminent. The bike path, or combined sections of the Trail will be cleared by ICT, Inc.

ICT, Inc. always appreciates your help to keep the Trail clear of snow and ice in the winter.  Please consider supporting the ongoing maintenance work by donating or participating in the annual Winter Warm Up (you can pay not to run).

Per city ordinance, adjacent property owners are responsible for clearing the sidewalks or pedestrian paths adjacent to property or buildings.

Salt and other deicing chemicals can kill plant material. If significant plant material is damaged or dies as a result of adjacent property owners applying excessive salt or other harmful chemicals, the Cultural Trail will seek appropriate damages.

Please use Safe Step deicing agent (or comparable environmentally friendly product) on or around the Cultural Trail for deicing needs between treatments.


Thank you to Bricklogo-color(REDONE)for our snow and ice removal.

Hardscape and Electrical Maintenance
ICT, Inc. is responsible for identifying hardscape and electrical maintenance issues and concerns.  If you notice a damaged bollard or paver, or a light out along the Trail, please contact us with details.

If you have concerns or would like more information about the landscape, maintenance or snow removal; please complete the form below.

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