Unicorn Bikes. It’s a Thing. No, Really, It Is.

Be the first to ride the new “Indy Welcomes All” #IndyBlueBike unveiled last week at the Pacers Bikeshare One-year Birthday Party.



What Exactly is a Unicorn Bike?

It’s mysterious and magical and only a chosen few will ever get the chance to see or ride it! Among the 250 yellow bikes, one blue bike will stand above the rest, proudly displaying its “Indy Welcomes All” decoration and demonstrating our City’s commitment to inclusivity and Hoosier Hospitality.

ICT, Inc. is continuing in the tradition of other bikeshare transit systems by specially decorating one bike in our fleet for a very limited time. Be on the hunt. Bask in the glory of finding the #IndyBlueBike, and more importantly, win prizes!


Here’s How:

  1. From April 22-May 31, find the elusive #IndyBlueBike docked in one of our 26 stations or cruising around the Indy Cultural Trail.
  2. Take a photo (creativity counts) and post it to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #IndyBlueBike. Make sure your profile is public so we can see when you’ve posted.
  3. We will choose winners every week throughout the month to win exciting Indy Welcomes All prize packages. We are looking for the most fun, creative and interesting photos and winners will be notified on the social network where they posted.

For some inspiration, take a look at the excitement created by our friends to the north with Chicago’s #DivvyRed.

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