National Bike to Work Day is May 15

The team at ICT, Inc. will take part in National Bike to Work Day tomorrow, May 15, to create awareness for bicycle commuting, as well as to serve as a reminder about just how much fun it is to ride a bike.

ICT Team (l to r): Jake Watson, Joshua Tharp, Susan Shepherd, Cody Malone, Lauren Day and Jordan Kingdon.

Our friends at PeopleForBikes, whose mission is to make bike riding better for everyone, recently polled their over one million members to help describe “the kind you biking you do regularly, mostly for transportation, without thinking much about it.”

No spandex, just normal everyday clothes. You, moving from point A to B. Just getting the business of life–work, errands, groceries–done via bike.

The overwhelming consensus voted for “Everyday Biking.”

Here’s to Everyday Biking and we hope you all get on two wheels and take part in National Bike to Work Day…and, if you so inclined, log your mileage this summer for the National Bike Challenge.

Are you a bike commuter? Let us know about your Everyday Biking.