Pacers Bikeshare Burns Over One Million Calories in Less than Three Weeks

Pacers Bikeshare Burns Over One Million Calories in Less than Three Weeks

UST Global’s One Million Calorie Campaign Goal Encourages Healthy Activity by Using Pacers Bikeshare

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – AUGUST 19, 2015 – Indianapolis Cultural Trail, Inc. (ICT), today announced that Pacers Bikeshare riders burned over one millions calories in eighteen days, smashing the goal set by UST Global’s One Million Calorie Campaign which encourages the Indianapolis community to burn one million calories by riding Pacers Bikeshare bikes during the month of August.

Pacers Bikeshare riders have burned 1,034,000 calories since the campaign launched on August 1, 2015.  During the entire month of August last year, riders burned 880,000 calories.

“Our community should be very proud that Pacers Bikeshare riders burned over 1 Million calories in only 18 days” said ICT, Inc. Executive Director Karen Haley. “Achieving this healthy goal in such a short time underscores the important role that Bikeshare and safe bike infrastructure like the Cultural Trail play a vital role in making Indy an active and healthy community.”

The partnership with UST Global reflects UST Global’s push for digital healthcare in Indianapolis. UST Global kicked off the One Million Calorie Campaign by providing free access to the Pacers Bikeshare program on the opening weekend of the campaign, August 1st and 2nd.

“We are ecstatic with the results of the One Million Calories Campaign.,” said Nikki Arora, Chief Marketing Officer at UST Global.  “It’s been amazing to watch the Indianapolis community join together and work towards a common cause, achieving the goal of one million calories in about half the allotted time.  We at UST Global look forward to keeping this momentum going with more digital health-driven incentives to bring us closer to our goal of touching 3 billion lives in the future.”

Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard officially launched the campaign on July 29 outside of City Market, recognizing the critical role of technology in healthcare and the important role bike share plays in making Indianapolis a healthy community “I’m thrilled that UST Global has selected Indianapolis as the place to launch the One Million Calories Campaign,” said Mayor Ballard.  “Our Pacers Bikeshare program is a healthy way to travel and experience downtown.”

About UST Global 

UST Global is a leading digital technology services company that provides powerful solutions for Global 1000 companies. UST Global’s mission is to lead companies through critical digital transformations to drive higher business value. UST Global specializes in six next generation digital services – design, cyber security, mobile, social, analytics and cloud.  Powered by the mantra ‘fewer clients, more attention’, UST Global strives for excellence in providing their clients high quality services and a commitment to long-term success. Headquartered in Aliso Viejo, California, UST Global has over 15,000 associates; operating in 25 countries across four continents.

About Indiana Pacers Bikeshare

Indiana Pacers Bikeshare is a program of Indianapolis Cultural Trail, Inc. and includes 251 Bikes and 26 stations, most of which are located on the The Indianapolis Cultural Trail: A Legacy of Gene and Marilyn Glick.  Bikes are available by purchasing a day pass at one of the 26 bikeshare stations or through annual memberships available online. For more information, please visit www.pacersbikeshare.org/.