Real Trail Talk: Thom McCorkle

Who are you?
Thom McCorkle, live and work downtown Indy

How do you use the Trail? Most of my daily commute to/from work is on the Cultural Trail. My wife and I walk the dog to and around the Trail most nice weekends. We take the Trail down to Fountain Square for dinner/entertainment from our house, near Mass Ave.

When we have guests visiting, one of the first things we end up doing is grabbing a few Pacers Bikeshare  bikes and zipping around town.  We usually go to some cover close to the whole Trail including the Mass Ave, Fountain Square, City Market, etc.

How is your life different having the Cultural Trail downtown? I’m spoiled having much of my daily commute on a dedicated bike/pedestrian path.  It makes biking to work easier and safer. And they keep it clear in the winter. It can’t be beat!

The Cultural Trail is the de facto way we show visiting family and friends around the city. Weather permitting we will grab bikes and cover off on most of the downtown area (city center, Mass Ave, Fountain Square, City Market, etc).

Any good stories to share from your time on the Cultural Trail? I love watching how the Trail changes throughout the day.  In the mornings it’s people heading to work; same for the afternoon. But with the ride home comes a different energy as people start heading to Mass Ave after work for dinner or a happy hour.  Then evenings and weekends have this buzz about them. People walking, jogging, biking, shopping.  It’s just super fun to watch and be a part of the energy.