Welcome Gen Con 50!

gencon2014This week, downtown will be bustling with an enormous amount of people ready to enjoy the 50th annual Gen Con convention(more than 61,000!)!

While participants get ready to enjoy a week full of amazing exhibits, we’re getting ready for what we think will be one of the busiest weekends of the year for Pacers Bikeshare!Other busy times in downtown Indy have resulted in the community partaking in more than 5,000 trips within the weekend. We suspect this time will be no different. While our teams will be out working hard to ensure that the system is up and running and that bikes are available to all, we are aware that frequent usage and high turnover rates may lead to stations being full or empty on occasion.

Not to worry! 

Here are some insider tips to keep your bike share experience smooth and reliable:

Use the app! 

“B-Cycle” is available in the Apple and Android app stores and will provide you with live bike/dock availability at nearby stations.

Add minutes!

At a full station, the “More Options” button will allow you to add 15 minutes to your trip and will provide a list of nearby stations with available docks.

Dock and Listen!

Make sure the dock beeps three times when you are returning a bike. This ensures the system recognizes the bike and will make it available for future users.

Think Outside the Circle!

Washington and Meridian, Monument Circle and Mass Ave and Alabama are the most used stations. If you find one empty or full, waiting for a few minutes will typically bring other riders that are checking in or out. Stations like Victory Field or Bankers Life Fieldhouse can yield more bikes for larger groups and don’t have high turnover, leading to more predictable availability. Check the map.