Gen Con Costume Contest


This weekend, the most Gen Con-ny of all Gen Con-ners will have a chance to dazzle Indy with their detailed costumes while also competing for a shot at free bike share! Starting on Thursday, August 18th, Pacers Bikeshare will be hosting a series of 3 Gen Con wide costume contests on Instagram.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Take a picture of yourself/your group (in costume!) on Pacers Bikeshare.
  2. Follow @pacersbikeshare on Instagram post your picture, tag us and #PacersBikeshareGenCon in your caption.
  3. We will repost our favorite(s) everyday between Thursday-Sunday.
  4. If you/your group gets reposted, you will receive a free Pacers Bikeshare Day Pass for everyone in your picture (up to 3 people)!

Winners will receive their promo codes for free bike share DM’d to them by 6:00pm on the day they posted. Pictures posted after 6:00pm will be considered for the following day’s contest (i.e. pictures posted Thursday at 8:00pm will compete for the 6:00pm prize on Friday).

We can’t wait to see what you’ve got and happy Gen Con!