Tales from the Trail: Ken & Roberta Avidor



How does the Indy Cultural Trail connect you to the city?

Ken and I are car-free by choice. The Cultural Trail connects us to almost everything we need. We walk or bike to get our groceries, go to the hardware store, museums, coffee shops, brewpubs and all the other places we want to go. We are both Urban Sketchers, so the Cultural Trail provides us with a lot of material.

What is your favorite spot downtown?

My favorite spot is the City Market, especially the balcony seating area. I’m a fan of the Mile Square Coffee stand, along with the other vendors. And I love that the Indy Bike Hub is right next door. Ken really likes the Canal Walk.

What is the best part of living near the Cultural Trail?

It makes us feel like we’re connected to the vitality and excitement of the city, day and night. One of our favorite things is to bike at night and see all the illuminated art installations on the Trail. We especially like to watch the evening feeding time at the Cat Cafe in Fountain Square.

Tell us about being the new cool kids in Indy.

We’re so happy to now live in a place where biking and walking are safe, easy and encouraged. We look forward to sketching the people and places along the Trail. If you see either of us sketching, do stop and say hello.

What’s your ride?

I ride a light sage green Linus 8-speed bike. Since moving to Indy, I really only use speeds 3, 4 & 5. Ken rides a shiny emerald green, belt-driven Scott 8-speed.
Look for our sketches on Instagram. My Instagram is @robertaavidor. Ken’s is @avidorart