Pacers Bikeshare Celebrates 4 Years


Pacers Bikeshare program and the ridership milestones for year four including over 113,000 bike share trips, over 9 millions calories burned and almost 250,000 miles traveled on the 250 gold Pacers Bikeshare bikes in downtown Indianapolis.

Pacers Bikeshare is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Annual and monthly passes are available online at pacersbikeshare.org and on the BCycle mobile app and are $80 and $15 respectively.   Day passes are $8 for 24 hour access and are available at each of the 29 bike share stations and on the mobile app.

“Our community continues to embrace Pacers Bikeshare; it is an integral part of the Indianapolis transportation eco-system as our residents have incorporated bike share into their daily habit, using it to get from point A to point B.” said Indianapolis Cultural Trail, Inc. Executive Director, Kären Haley. “Pacers Bikeshare is also thoroughly used by visitors as riding Pacers Bikeshare on the Indianapolis Cultural Trail is the best way to experience our city.”

The majority of Pacers Bikeshare trips come from Indy residents and annual pass holders while people who purchase day passes typically take longer bike share trips.

Pacers Bikeshare’s EveryBody Rides program provides subsidized annual passes for residents who cannot afford the $80 annual pass. The EveryBody Rides program partners with social service organizations to connect eligible residents with Pacers Bikeshare and also provides bicycle safety and education and group ride experience as a way to make bike share more accessible.

Indiana Pacers Bikeshare Year 4 By the Numbers (April 2017 – April 2018):

29 Stations
251 Bikes
112, 575 Total Bikeshare Trips
1,076 Annual Passes Purchased
18,349 Day Passes Purchased
246,016 Miles Travelled, the equivalent of almost 10 times around the earth, or to the moon once!
233,735 lbs of Carbon Offset, the equivalent of taking 23 cars off the road for a year
9,362,748 Calories Burned, the equivalent of about 49,000 donuts

Indiana Pacers Bikeshare All Time By the Number (April 2014 – April 2018):

29 Stations (started with 25)
251 Bikes
439,077 Bikeshare Trips
5,234 Annual Passes Purchased
99,329 Day Pass Purchased
970,403 Miles Travelled, the equivalent of going around the Earth almost 40 times
919,094 lbs of Carbon Offset, the equivalent of taking about 90 cars off the road for a year
38,109,140 calories burned, the equivalent of about 200,000 donuts

Indiana Pacers Bikeshare, a program of Indianapolis Cultural Trail, Inc. launched on April 22, 2014.