Winter Warrior Winners


Winter Warrior Winners

From December through the end of January, Pacers Bikeshare and the Cultural Trail held a competition to find our Winter Warriors. Winter warriors are the rides who continue to get on their golden bikes despite the cold weather, snow, ice, and wind!

Our winner’s stats!

Top 3 amount of trips

  1. 167 Trips
  2. 92 Trips
  3. 86 Trips

Top 3 # of miles

  1. 220 miles
  2. 100 miles
  3. 96 miles

Get to know two of our winners Ryan Sapp and Alberto Smargiassi and how they use Pacers Bikeshare

Q) How often do you use Pacers Bikeshare

Ryan) I use the bike share twice a day.

Alberto) I use Pacers Bikeshare at least two times a day.


Q) Why do you use PBS?

R) My wife and I have been a one-car household for the last seven years. I utilize the Pacers Bikeshare to commute to work in the Salesforce Tower. Compared to the cost of parking downtown, an annual membership is one of the best kept secrets in Indianapolis. The abundance of stations around the city provides access to all of the wonderful amenities Indianapolis has to offer.

A) The Pacers Bikeshare is economically convenient, easy to use, and keeps me healthy. It makes my commute much easier and I’m able to avoid traffic!


Q) What is your favorite thing about PBS?

R) The best thing about the Pacers Bikeshare is the amazing staff that keeps the bikes and stations in top shape no matter the situation. If the weather is below zero or above 100 degrees, I always find the bikes with fully inflated tires, smooth gearing, and impeccably clean

A) It’s located everywhere in downtown, making a car-free life much easier.


Q) How do you prepare for riding in the winter?

R) My preparation for winter riding includes a thick pair of gloves, a wool hat, and a playlist of songs that remind me of warmer weather

A)Thermal clothing (long johns) is a must-have if you want to ride in winter.


Q)What is your favorite spot in Indy?

R) My favorite spot in Indianapolis is at the lawn at White River in the summer. Folding lawn chairs, a sunset view, and great music in one of the best venues in the United States.

A) Probably the City Market next to Whole Foods. Great for a coffee or a quick lunch.