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2018 Volunteer Wrap-Up

March 5, 2019   |  Categorized in


As winter slowly fades away this year, here on the Trail we are preparing for springtime. Spring means things at the Cultural Trail are starting to pick up quickly. With the transition from winter to spring on the Trail, lots of litter and trash will become visible. So we give the Trail a much needed deep clean with our Spring Clean event (insert link to SC webpage). We also have to make sure all 5 acres of urban gardens along the Trail are prepped and ready for growing season (more to come on that soon — Hello new Horticulture Manager!).

With 8 miles of Trail to manage and maintain, the staff here at ICT, Inc. can’t be everywhere at once. This means: We Heart Volunteers! We host around 3,000 volunteers annually and every single one of those individuals are deeply appreciated. We need all of those hands to help us maintain the beautiful Trail!

As we prep for our 2019 volunteer season, we wanted to look back and reflect on all that our volunteers helped us accomplish this past year. We had so many wonderful groups dedicate their time and energy to the Cultural Trail it’s hard to talk about them all! But here are a few of our highlights from 2018:

1)Gene B. Glick, Co.
-45 volunteers
-3.5 hours
-1500 new perennials along Mass Ave between Davidson and College Ave.

2)Practice Indy Teach Training: Seva project
-10 volunteers
-2.5 hours
-200 plants at the corner of New Jersey and Walnut Street near CFI #2.

3)Future Farmers of America
-80+ volunteers
-7 hours
-4,500 new bulbs and picked up litter on the ENTIRE Cultural Trail

4)We have an avid supporter through Salesforce!
-11 Salesforce events
-157+ volunteers
-47 hours of Trail Clean-up

Inspired to get involved and start helping the Indianapolis Cultural Trail do this work? Well, we have lots of opportunities coming up. You can check out our volunteer page here.