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@ICT: Meet Ethan Hochstein

April 8, 2019   |  Categorized in

Meet the people behind ICT, Inc., a team passionate about the Cultural Trail, downtown, bicycles, and the outdoors! Our newest member, Ethan Hochstein, has started as the ICT’s very first Horticulture Manager!



First up: Speed Round!

  1. Where are you from? Springfield, Illinois
  2. What is your favorite plant? Sunflowers, everybody seems to smile when they see one.
  3. If you had to be any kitchen item, what would you be and why? A rice cooker, I don’t know how to cook and that has been the most helpful thing in my kitchen so I would try to pay it forward
  4. Most recent concert you went to? Or What is the last song you listened to? Mumford and Sons here in Indianapolis!
  5. Favorite place you’ve traveled to? New Zealand
  6. What’s the last emoji you used? Or what emojis do you use the most? 😂 💃 😜 🍻
  7. Last place you went out to eat? Mass Ave Pub


  1. What is your position? I am the Horticulture Manager for the Trail. The field of Horticulture is the art or practice of plant cultivation and management. What that means for the Trail is I will be in charge of plant selection/design, pruning the plants, taking care of the street trees along the Trail, the bioswales along the road, parts of the irrigation, making sure the soil is healthy for plants and managing pests and disease to keep everything healthy and flush.
  2. How did you get into horticulture? I had always enjoyed nature, art, science, and the environment growing up.  While in high school I had a very large garden at my house where I would grow food and a local landscaping company noticed it and asked if I wanted a summer job. I took the job and worked 5 summers there, it was there I learned you could make Horticulture a career. I was excited to combine the science of plants/soil with the design of spaces all while helping the environment and being hands on. Ever since, in one way or another I have been around plants.
  3. We know you’re new but what is your favorite spot along the Trail? I like to walk the section along Alabama from Ohio to Washington, to me that shows all the best parts of the trail. The contrast of large urban buildings next to the plantings and bioswales. Such a contrast is hard to find in other gardens and makes the trail stand out, both in terms of public green space and the idea of an urban trail. It is also a place where two very busy roads are rushing by but you still feel very safe and feels like a front yard garden. All this on top of the fact you can directly see the development impact the trail has had, two very large corporations built brand new buildings along the trail and embraced its design in their own landscapes.
  4. How has Indianapolis been thus far? It has been great! Midwest Nice is a very real thing and everyone has been very welcoming to me and showed me around thus far, my calendar is already filling up with things I am looking forward to do here in Indianapolis.
  5. What are you most excited for with this new position? The people of Indianapolis and the downtown community really seem to appreciate and love the Trail, and to get to work on something people take notice of and gets so much daily use is very exciting. Another challenge I am excited about is practicing horticulture in such an urban environment. It is very unique in terms of what plants can be used, and the logistics of caring for them all.