Cultural Trail Adaptive Bicycle Pilot Program

Adaptive bicycles are now available to ride on the Indianapolis Cultural Trail: A Legacy of Gene and Marilyn Glick.  The pilot program is made possible through the generous grant from the CIBA Foundation and includes five different styles of adaptive bicycles to meet the communities different accessibility needs. Adaptive bicycles are specifically designed for people with mobility challenges or are simply not comfortable riding a traditional two wheeled bicycle. 

“We receive many requests for adaptive bikes on the Cultural Trail and we are honored to now have a fleet of adaptive bicycles for people to use that will both meet the needs of our mobility challenged community, and provide a bike riding experience for people who simply don’t feel comfortable riding a traditional two wheeled bicycle in downtown” said Indianapolis Cultural Trail, Inc executive director, Kären Haley.  “We are grateful to the CIBA Foundation for providing grant funding for this first of its kind program in downtown Indianapolis.”

Adaptive bicycles are available for $14/ hour and include a fitting from staff who have been trained on properly fitting and sizing adaptive bicycles. Discounted rates are available for qualified individuals through the Pacers Bikeshare EveryBody Rides program. To reserve an adaptive bicycle and to learn more about the adaptive bicycles available people can visit https://indyculturaltrail.org/adaptive-bikes/ or call Indy Cultural Trail headquarters, 317-653-1948.

“The CIBA Foundation is thrilled to provide grant support for the Cultural Trail’s adaptive bicycle pilot program,” said CIBA Foundation board president, Dolly Craft. “We want bicycling to be safe for everyone, including people for whom riding a traditional two wheeled bike is difficult and this program makes that possible.”