Featured Plant: Pink Pavement Rose

Common name: Pink Pavement Rose
Scientific name: Rosa x ‘Pink Pavement’
This shrub rose is different from the bouquet roses being delivered this week but still fragrant. Shrub roses are sometimes called landscape roses and are what is planted most often in various landscapes including ours. They are bred to be low maintenance and have a nice full shape with lots of blooms.
The Pink Pavement roses are a Rosa rugosa cross which makes them very resilient to many things such as salt, dogs, desire paths, drought, poured out coffee (you know, things that are likely happening along the Trail). In the case of these roses, just like your Valentines date, much thought should be given before committing to them. Once you plant this rose in your yard it will be very very tricky to get rid of them. They should not be planted near wilderness areas as they can become mildly invasive.

Do not worry though, along the Cultural Trail they are surrounded by concrete in all directions so they do not have much room to roam, although they will try… take a look at the pedestrian sign pole where Indiana Avenue meets Blackford Street and you will see what I mean.

Locations: Washington Street, Indiana Avenue and Blackford Street, Virginia and Prospect