Nick Musselwhite: What the Cultural Trail Means to Me

My journey along the Indianapolis Cultural Trail started by getting in steps any way I would and I needed to get out of my neighborhood and see and experience something that would hold my attention. I chose the Indianapolis Cultural Trail.

What I liked best about the Indianapolis Cultural Trail is that I feel really safe on the Trail and it’s not just a straight path – it connects to so many interesting places and spaces. I also get this feeling, this sense that people I come across are on the same path as me. I know that sounds corny but it’s like we’re all on the same journey. We serendipitously meet on the Trail every day and encourage each other with subtle nods and waves. Even if it’s not what they said, what I sensed was that those waves and nods were a way of saying “You’re doing great!” or “I see you.” and that means so much during a year that feels so isolating.

The scenery is also amazing and does a lot to distract me during my now 4 mile runs – yes, I went from walking to running during the pandemic! You can absolutely tell the time and energy that goes into every single thing on the Trail, all the way from the lights to the pavers and all of the beautiful plant life in between. I also really enjoy running under the lights on Prairie Modules 1&2 in the early morning.

The Indianapolis Cultural Trail has provided a connection in downtown during what otherwise could have been a time of extreme disconnect. I love the security of it, the ease of navigation, and getting fresh air. The Trail provides people that space to get healthy and move their bodies. No matter what brought you to the Cultural Trail, you have to move your body to get to the next thing you want to see and experience. I’ve truly enjoyed sharing my journey with so many people I don’t know.