Tessie Lloyd-Jones: What the Cultural Trail Means to Me

The Indianapolis Cultural Trail is part of my life that I am very grateful for.

I first traveled the Cultural Trail or what was to become the Cultural Trail when the organizers painted a green line down the sidewalk and had a bike tour of what the route would be. I admit I was a doubter and did not think this would ever happen. BUT when I saw the first section complete, I became an instant advocate.

Everyone connected to the Cultural Trail has done an amazing job and thank you for your knowledge and desire to make this a reality. I use the Trail to get downtown, race training, mini-tours for friends (outsiders are amazed), visiting restaurants and microbreweries, and connecting to all of the other trails that surround downtown INDY.

All the new Pacers Bikeshare stations are great and I can’t wait to see the new additions of the Indianapolis Cultural Trail.

Let’s make more memories and create more experiences on the Indianapolis Cultural Trail. Consider donating to the non-profit organization that makes this possible, and thank you!