New on the Canal – Natural Play Logs

We’ve added a few new pieces to the Vermont Street Plaza so you can make the space whatever you can imagine. Repurposed logs and tree stumps are scattered on the lawn and can be arranged to fit your needs. We’re all looking for an outdoor spot to safely gather with others or a sunny spot to sit in solace.

Read on for a few ideas on how you can use this space to do both.

Be social. This spot is perfect for outdoor, socially distanced meetings! Break out of that home office and meet safely face-to-face. Arrange the logs in a circle, pop a squat, and come up with fresh ideas outside in the fresh air.

Grab a board game, put a few logs together as a table, and create the perfect gaming spot. Or, stop by on your own and make new friends.

Be chill. Also new to the Canal are Adirondack chairs! The logs are the perfect complement to the chairs, creating a cozy spot for lunch, lounging with a book or studying (think side table/footrest)!

Be creative. This isn’t your grandparents’ side table! For those on the Canal for a high-energy jaunt, may we suggest building a full-body workout with the logs. Roll them, stand on them, if you’re up for it, lift them. Box jumps, anyone?

Be respectful. You’re only bound by your imagination – oh, and please keep them off of the sidewalk and out of the Canal!

P.S. – Public restrooms are located next to Fresco Italian Cafe and at 9 on Canal.

By Autumn Monaghan, Communications and Special Projects Coordinator