Do the Trees Know that it’s Fall?

This fall has been unseasonably warm and who can complain about an extended summer? However, the burst of color from fall foliage is an annual treat before the inevitable frigid temps hit.

Don’t be alarmed – while the temperature hasn’t felt like fall to us, the plants, especially trees, still know that it is fall. Here is why: the length of night is unchanged by temperature and that is the main mechanism that trees use to know seasonality.

However, the weather does still influence our fall in two main ways: color and timing. This year’s warmer weather is delaying the leaves from changing and

dropping as trees continue to soak up sun and produce sugars for the year. The amount of rain from several weeks ago impacts the vibrancy of the fall colors.

We at the Trail are hopeful that there will be a good display this season with lots of gold along the Trail from trees like ginkgos, honey locusts and Kentucky coffeetrees!

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