How to get involved this spring

Full disclosure, this is a shameless plug for ways for users to get involved in our horticulture program, but I have to take advantage of spring fever, right? As spring continues to get warmer and plants start blooming, I hear a lot of people saying something to the effect of, “I love gardening but I live downtown and don’t have a yard.” Well as a fellow apartment dweller, I hear you and I think we might have a way to scratch that itch! Every year we host hundreds of volunteers, sometimes for group outings and sometimes individuals just looking to get involved.

A weekly program we do related to the horticulture program is Landscaping and Lagers. Every Wednesday, we meet at one of five locations on the Trail and work through different horticulture/gardening projects. Here is the link to show where we will be meeting and to sign up – please let me know you are coming so I bring enough tools! Tasks could include mulching, trimming, planting, or seeding. We have a soft start at 5 pm and usually work until 7, before having some none mandatory social time over a drink. We hope to see you out there! The group has gotten to know each other quite well and they are alway excited to welcome more volunteers.

For those with a yard, I invite you yo visit our Spring Plant Sale on April 30th and May 1. We will have close to four dozen varieties of plants found on the Trail for sale. Proceeds from the sale go to our operations budget and help us buy more plants for the Trail. Think of it as a “buy one, give one sale!” If these plants can survive along the Trail they will thrive in your yard and the Trail will thrive by having more plants along it!

Hope to see you at the Plant Sale or on one of our Wednesday nights!