EveryBody Rides


EveryBody Rides Program

“EveryBody Rides”  provides access to all 250 Pacers Bikeshare bikes and 29 stations to every body regardless of age, ethnicity, gender or income level.

Qualifying individuals are able to purchase a subsidized annual pass for $10, a $70 reduction in cost providing an affordable and reliable form of transportation. EveryBody Rides members will have access to all 250 bikes at 29 stations located on or within a few blocks of the Indianapolis Cultural Trail.

Pacers Bikeshare, a program of the Indianapolis Cultural Trail has partnered with the following organizations to provide subsidized passes for EveryBody.

Take a Group Ride with us!

Wheelie Wednesdays:

  • May 29th – 2:15p @ Cultural Trail Office 132 W. Walnut St
  • June 26th – 2:15p @ Cultural Trail Office 132 W. Walnut St

Meet Up Mondys:

  • May 13th – 2:15p @ Cultural Trail Office 132 W. Walnut St
  • June 10th – 2:15p @ Cultural Trail Office 132 W. Walnut St

Sign up for EveryBody Rides:

Become an EveryBody Rides Ambassador!

For more information or to sign your organization up as a partner, contact Sarah, sfrey@indyculturaltrail.org 

This program made possible with support from:

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Sponsorship Opportunities: Contact Sarah Frey, sfrey@indyculturaltrail.org

A generous philanthropic contribution from the Herbert Simon Family Foundation made the Indiana Pacers Bikeshare possible. The system is a program of Indianapolis Cultural Trail, Inc., and provides Indy visitors and residents alike an exciting, convenient and new way of enjoying downtown Indy.

Learn more online at PacersBikeshare.org about how the system works.