Indy Cultural Trail Food Tours


Let us share with you places we love, delicious foods, and tell you stories about our incredible city and the Indianapolis Cultural Trail that connects it all. 

Indy is heading into its strongest culinary scene ever – with recent accolades ranging from “Food & Wine Names Indy one of “America’s Favorite Food Cities” to “Zagat calls Indy one of the most exciting Food Cities of 2018”. It’s fair to say, that Indy has arrived to the foodie market.


Included in every tour:

  • A sample of local fare from restaurants and drinks served during the experience (this is a 21+ event)
  • Trained, experienced, and knowledgeable food tour guide
  • Stories about our local food heroes, daily life in Indianapolis and more about how the Indianapolis Cultural Trail has transformed our city

**The menu for the current tours are set. We are currently able to accommodate vegetarian options for all tours. At this time, we are unable to accommodate gluten or other allergies or dietary restrictions. However, as this program evolves we will keep that in mind when planning future tours.

Food Tour FAQ

Customizable Tour Request

Exploring Virginia Ave - walking tour $69

Friday & Saturday
1:00- 5:00p
8 restaurants

Join us as we munch our way up and down the Indianapolis Cultural Trail on Virginia Avenue. This tour will take place in Indy’s newest food destination where you'll find some of Indy's top chefs and restaurants. Join us as we visit award-winning restaurants and meet nationally recognized chefs and restaurateurs.

Stops include restaurants such as: Rook, 12.05, Three Carrots, Red Lion, New Day Meadery, Litterally Divine, Torta’s, and Amelia’s.

Price:$69/person (includes gratuity at restaurants and pays the guide. All additional proceeds benefit the Cultural Trail.)

Fletcher Place Foodie - walking tour $55

Monday - Friday
1:00- 3:30p
5 restaurants

Come with us for an intense exploration of Indy’s newest food scene in Fletcher Place neighborhood.Fletcher Place is the epicenter of the burgeoning culinary scene in Indianapolis with two James Beard nominated chefs on the same block of the Cultural Trail. Meet the chefs and owners behind some of Indy’s most creative and innovative restaurants.

Stops include restaurants such as: Tortas, Rook, Amelia’s, Bluebeard, and Milktooth

Price: $55/person (includes gratuity at restaurants and pays the guide. All additional proceeds benefit the Cultural Trail.)

Indy Cultural Trail Bicycle Food Tour- bicycle tour $75

1:00- 4:30p
7 restaurants

What better way to see and taste all Indianapolis has to offer than from the seat of a Pacers Bikeshare bike on the 8 mile Indianapolis Cultural Trail. Join us as we traverse several neighborhoods and cultural districts (and enjoy delicious food) on the world renowned Indianapolis Cultural Trail visiting Indy’s best culinary collection.

Stops include restaurants such as: Chilly Water, Union 50, Wildwood, Saffron Cafe, Circle City Soups and Sweets, and Roosters.

Price: $75/person (includes Pacers Bikeshare bicycle, gratuity at restaurants, and pays the guide. This tour also include a 24 day-pass for Pacers Bikeshare. All additional proceeds benefit the Cultural Trail.)

Mass Ave Foodie - walking tour $55

Thursday & Saturday
1:00- 3:30p
8 restaurants

Take on flavors of Mass Ave on this Mass Ave Foodie Tour. You'll be able to try 8 different restaurants all along the north end of Mass Ave and on the world renowned Indianapolis Cultural Trail.

Stops include restaurants such as: Yats, Love Handle, Natural Born Juicers, Mimi Blues Meatballs, Roosters, Best Chocolate in Town, Mass Ave Wine, and Black Market.

Price: $55/person (includes gratuity at restaurants, pays the guide, and all additional proceeds benefit the Indianapolis Cultural Trail)