IN Bloom: Lilacs

Coming into bloom this May–Lilacs!  The Palibin Variety (a.k.a Korean lilac) is found in several locations along the Indianapolis Cultural Trail and in mass along the Glick Peace Walk.

The lilacs are beginning to bloom beside the Jonas Salk luminary on the Glick Peace Walk.

These fragrant shrubs are great for any landscape. In spring, the large clusters of blooms fill the air with a sweet perfume-like fragrance. The Korean lilac likes dry to medium, well-drained soil; it can tolerate light shade but blooms better in full sun. It is a compact shrub that matures to a 4-5 feet in both width and height and the colors range from white to purple. It is a perfect choice for the Cultural Trail because it can tolerate urban conditions.

Stunning blooms and a sweet fragrance remind us how special springtime is in Indiana.

All lilacs are best pruned immediately after they finish blooming to ensure the most blooms the following year. The Korean lilac has no serious insect or disease problems and is extremely resistant to powdery mildew unlike the traditional lilac varieties.

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