Tales from the Trail: Meet Bryce Bennett

You meet the most interesting people along the Indianapolis Cultural Trail. Here’s one now: Bryce Bennett, partner at Riley Bennett & Egloff a daily Pacers Bikeshare user and proud Indy resident.  


How long have you been using Pacers Bikeshare?

I remember the first time I used Pacers Bikeshare very well…

At 6:45 am on a beautiful Saturday morning in May, I drove my 28 year old daughter downtown and dropped her off as close as traffic would allow me to get to the start of the 2014 Mini Marathon race. I then drove to my office and parked my car in our surface lot at the Riley Bennett & Egloff building on the corner of Washington and Delaware streets.

I had wanted to rent a bike since the Pacers Bikeshare program began, so I crossed the street to rent a bike at the City County Building.  After quickly figuring out the system and tugging my first bike from the rack, I joyfully pedaled across town to watch the start of the Indy Mini Marathon. I was immediately impressed by the performance of the bike. It was smooth and comfortable and had the perfect gear ratios for pedaling downtown.

After my ride, when I went back home to have breakfast and pick up my daughter’s boyfriend who was visiting from Chicago. He asked if we could talk in private. We went out on the back deck and he asked me for my daughters hand in marriage! I was thrilled. My future son-in-law and I then drove back downtown to see the end of the Mini Marathon. We parked at my building and rented two bikes so we could both enjoy a ride downtown and watch my daughter (and his soon-to-be fiancé) finish the race.

That is how my marriage with Pacer’s Bikeshare began. 

How do you use Pacers Bikeshare?


I use it primarily to reduce my travel time to meetings downtown while increasing my enjoyment of the journey.  On more than one occasion, I have rented a bike to meet a deadline for filing legal papers certified mail at the downtown post office. Occasionally, if I can spare the time, I will treat myself to a quick ride to White River State Park around sunset to clear my head before returning to work.

How has using Pacers Bikeshare changed your lifestyle?

It has given me a reason (excuse?) to recreate during the work day without impairing my productivity. In fact, riding usually enhances my productivity by recharging my physical and mental batteries.

How does the Indianapolis Cultural Trail connect you to the city?

My office building and parking lot are already in the heart of the city; so I use the Cultural Trail to connect me to more natural surroundings on the outskirts of the city and explore a larger perimeter.

What’s your favorite thing about Indy? 

I am so proud of its accelerating growth and progress. When I was starting my law practice in 1978, there were only two places open for dinner downtown after work: 1) The King Cole; and 2) La Tour- and I couldn’t afford either one! Now there are options in every price range. The change is remarkable.

Anything else you want to tell us?

Thank you for making Downtown Indy fun and accessible!