Along the Trail: Chilly Water Brewing Company

Our friends at Chilly Water are right in the heart of the Fletcher Place neighborhood along the Cultural Trail. They have delicious food & beer and are great community partners, offering free air for your bike tires! Next time you’re out riding or walking the Trail, stop by and say hi to Skip and his team.

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Tell us about Chilly Water. We opened on June of 2014 and within our first year we won the Indiana Brewers Cup brewery of the year, grand champion brewery and best in show for our Blazin’ Fiddles Scottish Ale.  We are an urban brewpub serving up craft beer with a simple but tasty food menu along with occasional live music.


What motivated you to start your business? To do things the way we wanted to do things.  Not to mention the craft beer popularity.

Has being located on the Trail benefitted Chilly WaterAbsolutely!  Bikers and walkers alike stop in often.

Did the Cultural Trail weigh in your decision on where to locate? Sure didn’t hurt.  We looked at a few locations and being on the Cultural Trail was a big deciding factor.

Is biking part of your business’ culture? Yep, we have a few groups of dedicated riders who stop by often.  We installed a free air source for riders to fill their tires.

What is the connection between biking/walking and success for your business? Just seems that people who exercise tend to feel good about drinking a beer because they earned it!


What’s your favorite thing about Indy? I love the ease of getting around and how clean it is overall.  The beer culture is getting better making the ability to get a good clean beer easier.  

What does “community” mean to you?  Owning a business it’s very important.  CW is located in a great neighborhood (my wife and I live 2 blocks away).  We try to get involved in ways that help the folks who are leading the neighborhood be more successful.

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