Real Trail Talk: Frank Stone, Teen Works

Who are you? My name is Frank Stone III; I am a youth mentor/ life coach by trade. I’ve also worked with Teen Works for the past two summers.

How do you use the Trail? I primarily use the Cultural Trail when running errands downtown. I live in the Springdale neighborhood, so hopping onto the trail at E. 10th Street makes things really easy!

How is your life different having the Cultural Trail downtown? It has certainly made commuting downtown a lot safer. The Cultural Trail adds another layer of protection from the faster moving, sometimes impatient, automobile traffic.

Any good stories to share from your time on the Cultural Trail? Working with Teen Works and being teamed up with the Pacers Bikeshare for the last few summers, I’ve been able to personally re-introduce groups of teens to their city. For most of them, experiencing the Culture Trail for those 6 weeks in the summer gives them the confidence to explore their city even further.

— This is part three in a new series we’re calling Real Trail Talk. We’re looking for your stories, big and small, on how the Cultural Trail has changed life for you in downtown Indianapolis. Interested in participating? Contact Sarah, sfrey@indyculturaltrail.org. Stay tuned for more stories every Tuesday and Thursday this summer.

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