Peace Walk Yoga, Meet: Kristine


Name: Kristine Camrom

Studio where you teach: kOMpose

Type of Yoga you teach: Vinyasa and Yi

Number of years teaching: almost 2

Favorite yoga pose: Pigeon

Other occupation: Corporate Lawyer

If I had unlimited time I would… Travel the world and do yoga.

We’re very excited to have kOMpose join us for a part of the practice at Sun Rise Yoga on the Peace Walk. Thank you, Kristine, for joining us for this very meaningful and special day.

If you haven’t yet, there’s still time to sign up for Sun Rise Yoga on the Peace Walk, Monday, 9/11, 6:15am to begin your day with peace, reflection and teachings from Kristine and many other talented instructors. All donations from this class will go towards beautification of the Glick Peace Walk on the Cultural Trail.