Pacers Bikeshare App – How-to

Hi there –

This time last year, we were beta testing the new BCycle App for Pacers Bikeshare. It officially launched in the Spring of 2017. A lot of you have mentioned in our Annual Pass Survey that you didn’t know we had an app or that you weren’t sure how to use it. Well, let us help you!

  1. Go to your app store and download the BCycle App – NOT BCycle Now (that’s the old one). I’ll be showing examples with an iPhone but the app is available for iPhone and Android.


  2. Open the app up. If you’re a member, you can log-in by tapping the button in the upper right-hand corner. If you want to buy a pass, tap the button in the upper left-hand corner (three lines on the iPhone app) and then tap “Join Now” to see the options.


  3. You can now use the app to
    1. Buy a pass.
    2. Check dock status. (Is there a bike/dock available? Is the station up?)
    3. Check out a bike. (1. Open the app, 2. Walk up to the station, 3. Tap the station you are at, 4. Tap get a bike, 5. Type in the dock number of the bike you want)


    4. Manage your account. (See your trips, manage your setting for notifications, get customer service, and more!)


What’s the number one challenge we come across? Most people are connected to the wi-fi at their office, coffee shop, or wherever, and the app thinks (based on the wi-fi connection) that they are still at that location and not at the bike share station. Turn off your wi-fi or disconnect from that wi-fi while you’re trying to check out a bike and you should be good to go! 

We love having the app. It’s an ever-evolving platform so if you have question or feedback, please let us know!