Fast Facts about Cultural Trail Irrigation!

Ethan, Cultural Trail Horticulture Manager

Ten Fast Facts about The Cultural Trail’s Irrigation system

  1. All 5 acres of gardens along the Trail are watered with drip tube irrigation. That covers the entire Trail. 
  2. Each hole in the drip tube emits 0.26 gallons per hour, no matter the water pressure. 
  3. Just like a home, the water comes from main water lines. 
  4. Most blocks of the Cultural Trail have 2 programmable zones, some have up to 5 zones. That means, we get to choose when the water is turned on and off. #regulate 
  5. Storm water planters use less water than other other beds along the Cultural Trail. (I’m sure you can draw your own conclusions here…) 
  6. Vehicles, people and bikes can crack some of the pipes that feed the system, luckily it is an easy repair once the break is found. Consider that next time you walk, bike or accidentally drive through one of our garden beds.
  7. Holes in the drip tube is the most common repair, so, we’re getting pretty good at it, see #6. 
  8. Feeder pipes run along the bike side of the Trail about 12-18” below the ground. 
  9. Water loss from evaporation and runoff is minimal because of the slow release it has time to soak in. 
  10. The water, when on, will not disturb trail users unlike a sprinkler irrigation system would. You’ll never even know it’s happening, sneaky. 

…see, we told you it’d be fast.

Want to learn more? Stay tuned…