What’s Blooming on the Trail – May 2020

It’s finally “real” spring on the Indianapolis Cultural Trail: A Legacy of Gene and Marilyn Glick and that means…lots of new blooms! 

Let’s take a minute to go over what’s blooming now and where you can find it during your next stroll, ride, or run on the Trail. 

Zone 1:  Catmint, Yellow and Purple Bearded Iris, Yarrow, Siberian Iris

Zone 2:  Bearded Iris, Yarrow, Catmint, Honey Locust, Salvia

Zone 3:  Snowmound Spirea, Yarrow, Sweet Flag Iris, Honey Locust

Zone 4:  Pink Pavement Rose, Salvia

Zone 5: Geraniums, Salvia, Ruby Red Horse Chestnut

Fun Facts about the Blooms: 

Pink Pavement Rose: Smells great right now, but don’t touch the roses they will bite. 

Salvia: If you cut these back after they bloom they will rebloom later in the summer. 

Geranium: This ground cover helps fight weeds by filling in all the cracks of the landscape. 

Catmint: True to its mint name it smells just like mint if you crush its leaves. 

Bearded Iris: This won’t last long! Got to see them soon! 

Sweet Flag Iris: This plant lives underwater for part of the year in its natural habitat. 

Snowmound Spirea: Give this a smell on your way past, has a sweet buttery scent.

Honey Locust: You have to look real close to see this plant in bloom, the flowers look like tiny grapes. 

Yarrow: This plant will be around all summer and into fall. 

Ruby Red Horse Chestnut: The biggest bloom on the trail, but it won’t be here long its about to finish its bloom cycle. 

Siberian Iris: When not in bloom it’s commonly mistaken for ornamental grass.