Ask us anything – Garden Edition

On last week’s Instagram Live, we have Ethan answer your questions about the Indianapolis Cultural Trail gardens. Here’s a recap of “Ask us anything” Garden Edition with ICT Horticulture Manager, Ethan.

Has the Trail considered growing veggies or community gardens along The Trail?

It has been discussed but it is not something we plan on doing. Food safety and the messiness of produce being the main hold-ups. 

What’s a really small thing you do in the gardens that’s really high impact? 

Hand weeding the trail every other week. By consistently weeding, the weeds stay small and by manually weeding rather than spraying the weeds with it allows us to be more precise and let other desirable plants fill the space. 

How do you know where to focus your time?

I have a large project calendar that helps to guide the decisions based on the seasons. I also ride The Trail frequently and make notes of areas I anticipate will need attention. 

What is the most fun part of your job?

Getting to be outside in Downtown. I enjoy plants and cities equally but it is difficult to find places the two can coexist, hear they do. Riding my bike everyday is an added bonus too! 

What is the horticulture chore you find the most challenging? 

Troubleshooting and fixing an irrigation break. They seem to break at the end of the hottest days. The task also takes a lot of digging and is very messy. 

Do you have any new plants in mind you’re thinking of adding to the Cultural Trail gardens?

Midwest prairie plants are some of my favorite types of plants and are consistent with The Trails original design. Some 

How are the stormwater planters handling all this rain?

Swimmingly. They love the rain, the plants in the stormwater planters naturally live in areas where it floods often and need lots of water to stay looking fresh. I hope we continue to get rain!