All about the EveryBody Rides Program

Hi, I’m Frank Stone, the EveryBody Rides program coordinator. I was introduced to the Trail through working with TeenWorks during their summer programming. Having the chance to help teens learn more about the things their city has to offer, and how to navigate downtown by bike share was enjoyable for me. So when the opportunity came along to connect program partners and the surrounding communities with Pacers Bikeshare, I jumped at it. Let me tell you more about the EveryBody Rides Program


What is the EveryBody Rides Program? It is a program of Pacers Bikeshare designed to ensure that everybody has access to bike share, no matter their gender, age, race, or income level. The program offers a reduced rate for our annual pass to individuals that qualify through program partners such as Indianapolis Housing Agency, Partners in Housing, Volunteers of America, SNAP, and HIP. Is there something we’re missing? Send me an email and let’s connect.

When did the EveryBody Rides Program start? The program launched along with Pacers Bikeshare in 2014. 

How can someone get signed up for the EveryBody Rides Program? 

    • Do I qualify for the EBR pass? We utilize our relationship with program partners to qualify individuals for the EveryBody rides low-income pass. Our partners include HVAF, IHA, Partners in Housing, Volunteers of America, SNAP, Healthy Indiana Plan, Energy Assistance Program through IPL and Citizens Energy Group, and Back on my Feet. 
    • How do I sign up? You can sign up for the EveryBody Rides low-income pass by visiting PacersBikeshare.org, selecting the EBR Pass, and entering the promo code you were provided. After that follow the prompts to complete the process. 
    • Where can I get a promo code? By contacting me, the program coordinator  (call, text, or email) or call the Pacers Bikeshare office. If you are associated with FSSA or IHA, you may see the promo codes displayed at local offices.
    • What type of payment is accepted? Everybody Rides program accepts credit, debit, and reloadable cards.

Aside from the membership, what are some other things you work on to build a community around Pacers Bikeshare? The goal of the EveryBody Rides Program has always been to meet people where they are. One of the ways we do that is by eliminating barriers they may stop individuals from giving bike share a try. Our team really goes the extra mile to help people connect with Pacers Bikeshare. For some, it may be discovering where our stations are located, and for others, it may just be the process of getting started. 

 If you are interested in learning more, please join us on a group ride! We host multiple rides from April – October each year. Group rides provide a hands-on experience for those who are new to the system. We will walk you through the check-in/ check out process, identify stations that you may use frequently, as well as cover other riding tips to make the ride more enjoyable. 

What are some of the things people or resources people can access using Pacers Bikeshare? Within the Pacers Bikeshare system, riders have access to libraries, healthcare facilities, social services, and government entities, grocery stores, and farmer’s markets. 

Anything else you want people to know about Pacers Bikeshare? Since the system’s expansion, we are focused even more on engaging communities where bike transportation may be a new option. 

Last year, in preparation for the expansion, we brought a station and bikes to neighborhoods that would soon be getting a station of their own. We used this opportunity to educate the neighbor on how to access bikes at the station, and take them on a ride and show them how the system works. 

We are continuing to explore new ways to reach people and give them the skills to explore the community and their city safely by bike. With the hopes of increasing accessibility, we extended the EveryBody Rides low-income pass to anyone in the household. Meaning anyone meeting the minimum required age can be signed up for a pass.