Meet the Team: Rebecca Knoop, Assistant Director of Finance


Meet our Assistant Director of Finance, Rebecca Knoop. Rebecca handles all things money-related, but don’t be fooled – she has some crazy fun facts, too!


Favorite Food:  Mediterranean


Favorite Hobby: Teaching and practicing Ashtanga yoga


Favorite TV Shows: Seinfeld, Schitt’s Creek


Fun Facts: This is a hard one… I lived in NYC for 12 years, completed the NYC Marathon, taught yoga at a meditation center in Thailand, took a couple of trips to Haiti helping a medical team use their skills for people in need.


What you Love about the Cultural Trail:  I get to live right on the Trail, and I love that it provides a beautiful space safe from traffic for navigating downtown on foot or bike.


What you Love about your Job:  The team and the mission – it’s why we all show up for work every day.
Side note, for those of you who don’t know – ICT Mission Statement: To enrich lives and connect people and places through dynamic and beautiful experiences and use the Indianapolis Cultural Trail and Pacers Bikeshare program as a catalyst for economic growth.


Keep an eye out for the rest of our team features soon!