Meet the Team: Ethan Hochstein, Horticulture Manager


Meet Ethan Hochstein, our Horticulture Manager. Ethan manages the 5 acres of gardens along the Indianapolis Cultural Trail, including the plants, trees, soil, and irrigation. If you’re interested in helping, we have garden volunteer opportunities available!

Get to know Ethan below, and give him a wave next time you see him out planting or weeding on the Trail!


Favorite Food:  Nachos


Favorite Hobby: I enjoy biking around different neighborhoods in Indianapolis and looking at the yards and different architecture. There is always something to see.


Favorite TV Show: Narcos


Favorite Book: 1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus by Charles C. Mann


Fun Fact: Indiana is the 5th state I have lived in.


What you Love about the Cultural Trail: I love that the Cultural Trail is both a way to navigate the city and a destination. People will make it an event to walk the Trail for fun or use the Trail as a guide to experience Indy when they visit. There is also a set of routine commuters who use it every day on their way to work. That combination of users creates fun interactions with groups of people who would not normally be interacting.


What you Love about your Job: I love working on a landscape that gets used by so many. Sometimes nice gardens will be confined to a backyard or behind an admissions fee. The Trail being a public space means anyone can see the gardens. It’s very rewarding to be able to take my passion for horticulture and share it with groups that normally wouldn’t take interest in plants. I also love the interactions I get to have randomly throughout the day with business owners, bikers, tourists, and people just spending a day outside. It makes for lots of interesting conversations.


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