Meet the Team: Joshua Tharp, Pacers Bikeshare Operations Manager

Meet Pacers Bikeshare Operations Manager, Joshua Tharp! Joshua manages all things Bikeshare operations, like staffing, customer service, bike and station maintenance, and balancing the number of bikes at each station.

Favorite Meal: Ham, beans, cornbread, and potatoes


Favorite Hobbies: Being a papa, bikes, computers, making art


Favorite Book: Neuromancer by William Gibson


Fun Fact: I do not put anything in my hair (this question is common) and people frequently think my name is Jason.


What you Love about the Cultural Trail and Pacers Bikeshare: I believe in the power of human beings, particularly when we are connected well. This is at the core of the Indianapolis Cultural Trail and Pacers Bikeshare. This should be done beautifully, if possible, as beauty is inspiring. The Trail is an exceptional example of this notion.


What you Love about your Job: I enjoy working with people, and our staff is incredible. I like to tinker, as well, and the stations are a constant challenge in this respect. I feel like I am contributing to humans evolving with the planet, using our own power to get places.


If you enjoyed getting to know Joshua, stay tuned for more about our Pacers Bikeshare team!