Layer-up this winter

Nervous to go outside in the cold? No need, with a few key layers and plan, you’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors any time of year. #learntolayer
1. Base layer: look for wool or another moisture-wicking material. Pro tip: tuck your shirt in to lock in all the warmth.
2. Wind layer: Even if wind isn’t an issue, look for a layer that will help block out the elements like your rain jacket or sports jacket.
3. Extemities: Keep your fingers, toes, ears, and nose warm!
  • Toes: wool socks or wrap a sandwich baggie around your sock before putting your shoe on (crazy but really helps keep the cold air out!)
  • Fingers: Try mittens! Your fingers will work together with body heat to keep each other warm.
  • Ears: A hat is excellent but if you get too hot, a headband to cover your ears is a great option.
  • Nose: Try a buff or…wear your mask! Breathing in the warmer air helps your body save some energy and keeps you warmer.

Send us a message with your tips and tricks to stay warm in the winter!

Now go outside! 🙂