Fall Plant Sale – Cultivated by Milhaus

We truly apprecaite our friends along the Trail at Milhaus for all they do to support the Indianapolis Cultural Trail: A Legacy of Gene and Marilyn Glick. From participating in our Spring Clean for the past 6+ years and supporting our Fall Plant Sale for 2 years now, we cannot say thank you enough!

They wanted to share with you a little bit more about why Milhaus loves the Trail and chooses to support our efforts to thoughtfully manage, maintain and continue to grow and improve all aspects of the Trail to ensure it continues to exist as a world-class public space for residents and visitors of Indianapolis.

Let’s start off easy. What’s your favorite plant along the Cultural Trail? 

  • Easy is an understatement- Hydrangeas forever and ever! But Milhaus probably loves whatever is planted right outside our office located across from the Trail on Virginia Ave the most 😉 

Tell us more about Milhaus and what they’re working on in Indy. 

  • Milhaus is an award-winning, mixed-use development, construction, and property management company that specializes in Class A, urban, multifamily residential buildings. In short, we build cool, thoughtful places to live, and together as #TeamMilhaus, are driven by our mission, vision, values, culture, and a collective passion to invest in our neighborhoods. Right now in Indy, our downtown properties continue to bring people back to our urban core and as our corporate headquarters continue to grow, we continue to make moves + future plans for investing in the city we love so much. Stay tuned!

Why do you think the Cultural Trail is important to Indianapolis?

  • The Cultural Trail represents everything we love about cities like Indy. Walkability, connectivity & passion for our neighborhoods. Amenities like the Cultural Trail are the very things that allow city residents to not just live in Indy, but experience it. This especially hits home for Milhaus as not only is the Trail right outside our office, but many of our downtown properties as well. As developers driven by the resident experience, having something like the Cultural Trail just outside your door, authentically allows our residents to really root themselves in downtown Indy. The same certainly goes for any place of residence the Trail crosses paths with which surely speaks to its importance to the entire city.

Why does Milhaus choose to support the Plant Sale, 2 years now! 🙂 

  • For so many reasons! But most significantly because it’s important to Milhaus to be who we say we are. Part of our Culture Statement states, “We stand as one team dedicated to transforming neighborhoods.” Supporting organizations, like the Cultural Trail, who are doing just that, allows us to back those words with action. Undoubtedly, the Cultural Trail is dedicated to this same mission that goes beyond the aesthetic appeal of the Trail (which of course is beautiful!), but rather a commitment to physically connect multiple neighborhoods, cultural districts, and therefore, those who live there. To Milhaus, this is everything it means to invest in + transform neighborhoods: a tangible, connective living experience.  

Leave us with something encouraging: Tell your friends why they should stop by the Indy Cultural Trail Fall Plant Sale, cultivated by Milhlaus?  

  • The Cultural Trail runs right in front of Milhaus’ Indy HQ offices through Fletcher Place/Fountain Square. Especially in the spring and summer months, the beauty of so much life happening from neighbors walking their dogs to the flowers blooming along the Trail is such a special backdrop for our work environment (especially those working outside on the patio). After supporting the Cultural Trail, #TeamMilhaus knows all it takes to keep the Trail up, running, and beautiful and that these efforts are certainly not a given.

    If you love downtown Indianapolis, go show your support for the organization responsible for making it such a lovable city. It’s easy to assume groups like the Cultural Trail will always be there but they need your support in order to be! So be a great neighbor, and head out to the Fall Plant Sale to buy a plant you’ll love!