5 Reasons I’m Excited for the Fall Plant Sale

The mornings are cooler. 

Kids are back to school. 

Indianapolis Cultural Trail Fall Plant Sale cultivated by Milhaus

All signs that summer is winding down and fall is approaching. While the end of summer brings mixed emotions, the Fall Plant Sale is nothing but excitement for me. Here are the 5 things I am most excited about for this season’s sale.

  1. This year will be BIGGER! At our last two sales, we sold out of many varieties on day 1! So, this year we have tripled the number of plants at the sale and we have brought in double the choices.

  2. Tough Ones Plant Kit – The Cultural Trail is a tough place for a plant to grow and some locations are even tougher than others. This plant kit is for those with a brown thumba collection of our most hardy plants. Trust me when I say, if they grow on the Trail they will grow anywhere.

  3. Fall and Winter Interest Plant Kit – Even at the end of September there are plants with several weeks of interest left in the tank. For instance, all of the ornamental grasses, evergreen junipers *new*, asters, and black-eyed susans. These plants paired with others will give you immediate impact with more to look forward to in spring.
  4. More Grasses – the unsung hero! Sure you mow the grass but these decorative grasses are way more interesting and can anchor your landscaping. We have more grass varieties that are super low maintenance, high impact, drought-resistant, and when combined with other plants create great backdrops and contrast.

  5. Your questions – bring your questions (and pictures) so I can help with your landscape planning or a particularly tricky spot. We will likely be able to find something at the sale to work and if not, I will point you in the right direction. 

The Fall Plant Sale cultivated by Milhaus is September 25th and 26th 10am-1 pm at our headquarters 132 W. Walnut. Or you can shop online.

Happy planting!

Ethan Hochstein, horticulture manager, Indianapolis Cultural Trail Inc