Beaty Construction, very invested in the Cultural Trail

We are so excited to welcome a new partner to the Indy Cultural Trail Spring Clean this year – Beaty Construction. They are not only a new partner for this event but also a HUGE partner in our massive Indy Cultural Trail Expansion construction project!

Let’s take a few minutes to get to know them a little bit better. I encourage you to read to the end for some great Indy brunch recommendations.

Let’s start off easy. Do you have a favorite section along the Indianapolis Cultural Trail: A Legacy of Gene and Marilyn Glick and if so, where is it? 

The sections we are currently constructing along South Street and Indiana Ave & 10th Street. Very excited to be a part of this work, if you can’t tell!

Tell us more about what Beaty Construction does and any exciting projects they’re working on in Indy (is there anything besides expansion?).

Beaty Construction designs and constructs earth retention, ground improvement, deep foundation, and heavy civil projects.  While we work all over the state, we are a regular fixture in Indianapolis.  This year, in addition to the Indianapolis Cultural Trail, we will also be constructing a trail project along Bridgeport Road for the City of Indianapolis Department of Public Works, and a trail project along the abandoned B&O corridor for the Speedway Trails Association.

Why do you think the Cultural Trail is important to Indianapolis?

With so many of our employees living in or near Indy, we are personally invested in upgrading our city’s walking and biking trails.

Why did Beaty choose to support the Spring Clean?

One of Beaty’s core values is “Promote Community” so getting the chance to support a local community service project right where we are working is an exciting opportunity and a great way to feel connected to the work we do.

Because you seem to be brunch expertsas the official Spring Clean Brunch Sponsor, what are your team’s top 3 favorite brunch items?

  1. Breakfast burritos from Love Handle
  2. Sourdough Brioche Cinnamon Rolls  or any pastry from Milktooth
  3. Breakfast Burger at Mesh