Some helpful answers for common questions about the Trail.

How long is the entire Trail?
If you travel the entire Trail, the total distance is 8 miles.

Where does the Trail start and end?
There is no official start or ending to the Trail.  Users are invited to journey throughout the Trail without concern of where to begin or end, and to enjoy the landscaping, public art and downtown amenities along the way. The northeastern terminus meets with the Monon Trail heading north.  The southeastern terminus in Fountain Square meets with the Pleasant Run Parkway, and the Trail user may hop on the White River Trail to the northwest.  

Where should I park?
Since you can hop on the Trail at any point, parking is at your discretion.  A couple of easy spots include the parking garage at White River State Park on the west side of the Trail, along Virginia Avenue to the southeast or along Massachusetts Avenue to the northeast.  Washington Street has metered parking as well as to the south along Georgia Street. Check here for all downtown parking suggestions.

When did construction first begin?
The groundbreaking was celebrated in the spring of 2007 at the corner of Alabama & North Streets. You can read the full history of the Trail here. Read the full history here.

How many pieces of art are on the Trail?
There are currently 9 pieces of public art along the Trail.  In addition, The Glick Peace Walk celebrates 12 luminary individuals who made peaceful progress.  Learn more about the art here.

What was the total cost of the Trail?
The total project cost was $63 million.  Private funding totaled $27.5 million, public funding (federal transportation funding) totaled $35.5 million.  No local tax money was used for the Trail construction.

I would like a Trail map!
We are happy to send you a map if you contact us with your mailing address.  Email us at request@indyculturaltrail.org. You may also download the PDF version of the Indianapolis Cultural Trail and Pacers Bikeshare Map.

How can I get a bike to use along the Trail?
Exploring the Trail by bike is a great way to see the whole linear park. We recommend riding Pacers Bikeshare. It’s $2 to get a bike and just 20 cents a minute after that. You can also check out our new Pacers Bikeshare E-bikes for $5 and 25 cents a minute after that.

Are there tours of the Trail?
Yes! We are happy to provide you with a guided tour of the Trail either on foot, bike or wheelchair. If you or a group would like to schedule a tour of the Trail, please contact us at 317-653-1948 or request@indyculturaltrail.org.