Adopt a Plant

Adopt a plant along the Indianapolis Cultural Trail to honor someone special in your life.

You’ll receive a digital certificate to your inbox that you can share your loved one. Please note the first and last name of the recipient in the notes section at checkout. Your name will appear as a donor to the adopt a plant program (below) unless you note that you’d like to remain anonymous.

Your gift supports the operations of the Indianapolis Cultural Trail Horticulture Program.

The entirety of your contribution to this effort will help us continue to care for our  plants on the Indianapolis Cultural Trail: A Legacy of Gene and Marilyn Glick. While we are unable to personally assign or label plants, you or your honoree will know that your contribution played an important role in providing access to world-class linear park. We hope you’ll choose to independently claim a plant for yourself on your next visit and share a photo with friends and family in recognition of your gift.

Thank You For Adopting a Cultural Trail Plant!


$25 – Autumn Joy Sedum

Christine Williams

Kathleen Gentili

Tom Donovan in honor of Shannon Donovan for Mother’s Day

$25 – Dark Towers Penstemon

Christine Williams

Kathleen Gentili

Ellie Crumley

Rex Brown in honor of Hayley Brown

Cori, Lauren, Erika, Elana, and Jenna Chatterton in honor of Jackie Chatterton for Mother’s Day

Zach Schalk in honor of Anne Talbot for Mother’s Day

Megan Clayton in honor of Nancy Norton for Mother’s Day

$50 – October Skies Aster

Jim Strain in honor of Cheryl Strain

Melanie Woods

Kathleen Gentili

Zach Schalk in honor of Sue Mowery-Schalk for Mother’s Day

Adam & Kim Woodruff

$50 – Swingtown Bearded Iris

Glick Philanthropies in honor of The Barrett Family, Mike Grande & Family, Brian Grande, Laura Adams & Family, Ben Grande & Family, Karyn Gerstle & Family, Jonathan Schwartz & Family, and Lauren Kay & Family

Cheryl Strain in honor of Jim Strain

Lisa Kidwell in honor of her mom

Melanie Woods

Zach Schalk in honor of Hannah Calkins for Mother’s Day

$100 – Hydrangea

Kathleen Gentili

Kelly Hill in honor of Riley Hill-Kartel & Sidney Hill-Kartel

Douglas Church in honor of Cathy Church

$100 – Miss Kim Lilac

Adam & Kim Woodruff

$250 – Yellow Wood

Stephen Mader

Jobsite Supply Company in memory of Scott Hall

Kelsey Jones in memory of Brenda Jones

$250 – Horse Chestnut Tree

Emily Watters

Jeffrey Sexton

$500 – Paperbark Maple