Care/Don’t Care

By Jamie Pawlus

Located along the 800 block of Massachusetts Avenue just east of College Avenue

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Care/Don’t Care

Artist: Jamie Pawlus (b. 1973, East Chicago, IN)

Year: 2010

Medium: Pedestrian signal, custom lenses, LED lights

Specs: 12 feet tall



“Care/Don’t Care” is an interactive artwork that resembles and functions like a pedestrian “Walk/Don’t Walk” signal. In an increasingly fast-paced world, this project quietly invites users to pause and find joy in a moment of comic relief. The artwork is intended to have an immediate effect on those who encounter it, as it asks them to participate in acknowledging their current state of mind. The message “Don’t Care” is programmed to change to “Care” automatically and at random intervals; it can also be changed manually if trail users push the button. The “Care/Don’t Care” signal is placed for use by those continuing along the Trail, as opposed to a tradition signal that is located near an intersection.


Jamie Pawlus

Jamie Pawlus’ work involves the creation of conceptually based site-specific installations. Much of her work repurposes materials commonly found in the public realm, including her frequent use of commercial or transportation signage. The messages found in her art are usually based on anecdotal expressions of personal experiences. Pawlus is a graduate of the Herron School of Art and Design and received her Master’s of Fine Art from the University of Kansas.

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