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Host your special event at the Downtown Canal or Lugar Plaza, two of downtown’s most scenic public spaces, managed by the Indianapolis Cultural Trail.

  • Venue Locations and Capacity:

    • Admiral Spruance Basin: 300
    • Community Service Plaza: 200
    • Vermont Street Plaza: 500
    • Walnut Street Basin: 300
    • Ohio Street Basin: 100
  • Ideal Venue For:

    • Runs/Walks
    • Swims and Boat Races
    • Fundraising/Awareness Events
    • Community/Civic Events
    • Fitness Classes
    • Private/Intimate Events
  • Amenities:

    • Pedestrian Walkway and Greenspace
    • Scenic Waterway & Skyline Views
    • Power
    • Elevators
    • Ramp Access
    • Public Restroom
    • Pacers Bikeshare Stations

Canal Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How far in advance must I inquire about using spaces on the Downtown Canal?

A: Requests to use the Downtown Canal must be received at least a month or more prior to your event.

Q: What spaces are available to rent? A: Admiral Spruance Basin, Community Service Plaza, Walnut Street Basin, Vermont Street Plaza, and Ohio Street Basin are available to rent. Note that the public right-of-way must be clear and open.

Q: Can I rent the Downtown Canal for a run or walk?

A: Yes, the Downtown Canal, which spans from 11th Street to West Street, can be rented for runs and walks. The entire Canal loop is a 3 mile loop making it an ideal location for 5ks. Events wanting to use the entire Canal for their route, or utilize the area beyond West Street, must also work with White River State Park. For more information, please visit: https://whiteriverstatepark.org/rental-space/.

Q: Where are the nearest public restrooms?

A: There is a public restroom located in the 9 on Canal apartment building on the north end of the Downtown Canal. The street address for 9 on Canal is 335 W 9th St, Indianapolis, IN 46202.

Q: Will I need to set up portable toilets for my event?

A: If you need close restroom access, it is best that you make arrangements to have portable toilets delivered. We will work with you on the best location for placement.

Q: Will the Canal be closed to the public during my event?

A: No, the Canal waterway and pathways are always open to the public. However, we allow only one event rental per day.

Q: What else will I need?

A: A Special Use Application with detailed Safety & Security Plan, Clean-up Plan, and two (2) Certificates of Insurance listing the Indianapolis Cultural Trail and the City of Indianapolis, must be on file. Events larger than 250 people will need a Special Event Permit from the City of Indianapolis.

Q: Can I have an event at any time on the Canal?

A: All weekend events must end and be cleaned up by 11 a.m. Weekday events are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Q: Where can I find information about dyeing the Downtown Canal?

A: All Canal Dyes for 2023 are canceled due to pump malfunction. We are currently working with the City and monitoring the progress of repair. If you have any questions, please contact us at request@indyculturaltrail.org.

Canal Rental Fees

Note: Events that are organized by Marion County (IN) headquartered, non-profit/tax-exempt organizations and are free and open to the community may qualify for a complimentary space rental.

Rental fee per day

Admiral Spruance Basin: $500

Community Service Plaza: $500

Vermont Street Plaza: $1,000

Walnut Street Basin: $800

Ohio Street Basin: $600 (must rent for Canal Dyes)

Runs/Walks/Water: $1,000 (For-Profit), $500 (Non-Profit)

Canal Dye: $1,000 (Excluding rental cost for Ohio Street Basin AND cost of dye)


Set-up/Tear-down rates are equal to 50% of daily rental fees.

Commercial Shoot: $50/hour

Administrative Fee: $50/event

  • Venue Locations and Capacity:

    • East Court: 200
    • Event Lawn: 500
    • West Court: 200
  • Ideal Venue For:

    • Fundraiser/ Awareness Event
    • Community Event
    • Festival/Block Party
    • Markets
    • Concerts/Performances
    • Civic or Press Event
    • Fitness Classes
  • Amenities:

    • Near Mass Transit (Julia M. Carson Transit Center and Indianapolis Cultural Trail)
    • Greenspace
    • Power
    • Seating
    • Free Wifi
    • Bike Parking
    • Pacers Bikeshare Station

Lugar Plaza Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is Lugar Plaza?

A: Lugar Plaza is located at 200 E Washington St, Indianapolis, IN 46204, along the Indianapolis Cultural Trail at the corner of Washington and Delaware Streets.

Q: Are there chairs, tables, and/or tents on Lugar Plaza?

A: You will need to bring your own seating, tables and tents. Seasonally, limited seating is available.

Q: Can I use the sound system?

A: You will need to bring your own sound system and microphone. We can provide vendor references upon request.

Q: Are there electrical outlets available for use?

A: Yes, please contact us for a map of outlet locations.

Q: Will the restrooms be available for my event?

A: Restrooms are not currently open to the public because of the ongoing constructions on the Plaza, which has reduced water availability. Please plan to bring your own restroom/port-o-lets for your event.

Q: Is there a podium available for use?

A: No, there is no podium available for use.

Q: Is there a stage available for use?

A: Yes, there is a permanent stage at Lugar Plaza. Please contact us for more information about stage measurements to accommodate your performance needs.

Q: What areas are available for rent?

A: The East Court, West Court, and Event Lawn are all available for rent. Please see pricing below.

Q: Is there overnight security? A: No, security is present during the day (times vary).

Q: Do I need a security plan? A: Yes, we will need a detailed security plan at least two weeks in advance.

Q: Do I need any additional permits?

A: Please contact the City for any permitting requirements. More information can be found here: www.indy.gov/activity/special-events-permits.

Q: How soon do I need to reserve the space?

A: Ideally, the space is reserved at least a month prior to the date of your event. The bigger your event and attendance number, the sooner you may need to reserve the space to ensure that all documents are obtained. Please submit all required information no later than 2 weeks prior to your event.

Q: Will the water feature be on?

A: The water feature at the Plaza is currently down due to ongoing construction.

Q: Am I responsible for trash removal? A: Yes, you are responsible for submitting a clean-up plan, inc

Lugar Plaza Rental Fees

Note: Events that are organized by Marion County (IN) headquartered, non-profit/tax-exempt organizations and are free and open to the community may qualify for a complimentary space rental.

Rental Fee per day

Whole Plaza (Full day): $2,000
Whole Plaza (1/2 day): $1000 
Partial Plaza (Full day): $1,000
Partial Plaza (1/2 day): $500


Set-up/Tear-down rates are equal to 50% of daily rental fees.

Commercial Shoot: $50/hour

Administrative Fee: $50/event

Canal Venues

Admiral Spruance Basin

Community Service Plaza

Walnut Street Basin


Vermont Street Plaza

Ohio Street Basin


How to Reserve a Space for your Event

  • Process:

    • Submit a Special Use Inquiry Form
    • If space is available, a staff member will reach out within five (5) days with an estimate and a special use agreement
    • Complete Special Use Agreement with all documents/information needed (See below) and pay applicable rental fees
    • Schedule a site visit with our staff prior to your event if needed
    • Host your event!
  • Documents needed with Special Use Agreement:

    • Detailed run-of-show
    • Site plan
    • Safety and security plans
    • Clean up plan
    • Certificate of Insurance – The City of Indianapolis and Indianapolis Cultural Trail Inc. must be listed as additional insureds with coverage provided in the following types and amounts set forth in the agreement.

Please note:

  • You are not required to submit a Special Use Inquiry Form if your group is smaller than 50, unless you want to formally reserve the space for your event.
  • This form is only intended to check availability of the space(s) for your desired date(s) and provide basic information. If available, you will need to submit a Special Use Agreement in order to reserve the space.

Submit a Special Use Inquiry

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