Swish live music and performance series along the Indianapolis Cultural Trail and downtown civic spaces

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This weekend's line up

Lugar Plaza

Find it: Along Washington Street between Delaware and Alabama Street, across the street from downtown Indy’s Julia M. Carson Transit Center.

This weekend’s performance line-up:
  • Saturday, April 3 – Lugar Plaza
    • 11am     Elliot Bigger
    • 12pm    Brett Wiscons
    • 1pm      DJ Chromatic
    • 2pm      Black Expo
    • 3pm      Jesse Jones
    • 4pm      Bashiri
  • Sunday, April 4 – Lugar Plaza
    • 11am     Yvonne Allu
    • 12pm    Jake Dugan
    • 1pm      DJ Rusty Redenbacher
    • 2pm      Jeff Jena
    • 3pm      Marialle Sellars
    • 4pm      Kenyetta Dance Co

This weekend's line up

Davlan Park

Find it: At the corner of Massachusetts Ave and Alabama Street.

This week’s performance schedule:

  • Friday, April 2 – Davlan Park
    • 11am     Kristina Sharpe
    • 12PM   Psyrn Simone
    • 1pm      Duncan Kissinger
    • 2pm      Devon Ginn
    • 3pm      Moxxie
    • 4pm      Rob Funkhouser
    • 5pm      Andy Greenwell
    • 6pm      Distinct
  • Saturday, April 3 – Davlan Park
    • 11am    Blxck Kxng
    • 12PM   Latin Expressions
    • 1pm      DJ Grapevine
    • 2pm      Andy D and Soft Surface
    • 3pm      Cristin Dent
    • 4pm      Yadin Kol
    • 5pm      That Peace Open Mic
  • Sunday, April 4 – Davlan Park
    • 11am      B. Niquole
    • 12pm     Skypp
    • 1pm       Latin Expressions
    • 2pm       Victoria Nickerson
    • 3pm       Hickey-Shanafelt 9ollective
    • 5pm       The Wonderlands

This weekend's line up

Georgia Street

Find it: Connects to the Cultural Trail on Capitol Avenue and spans from Capitol Avenue to Pennsylvania Avenue.

This week’s performance schedule:
  • Friday, April 2 – Georgia St.
    • 12pm    DJ Liiightwerk
    • 1pm      Highway 9 Blues Band
    • 2pm      DJ Gabby Love
    • 5pm      Taylor Deshawn
    • 6pm      Davis & The Love
  • Saturday, April 3 – Georgia Street
    • 12pm     Charlie Ballantine
    • 1pm       Ed Lanier
    • 2pm       Pernell from Pike
    • 3pm       Clint Breeze & The Groove
    • 4pm       Goldie Ingram
    • 5pm       Dead Silence
    • 6pm       IllPhonics
  • Sunday, April 4 – Georgia Street
    • 12pm     DJ Niko Flores
    • 1pm       Philia
    • 2pm       Sabana
    • 3pm       Corey Cox
    • 4pm       Tad Robinson
    • 5pm       Tommy Baldwin
    • 6pm       Rob Dixon Trio
  •  Monday, April 5 – Georgia Street — Swish Live FINALE
    • 3pm     Sirius Blvck
    • 4pm     Lily and Madeleine
    • 5pm     Native Sun
    • 6pm     Huckleberry Funk


This weekend's line up

Indy Airport

Find it: 7800 Col. H. Weir Cook Memorial Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46241

This weekend’s performance line-up:
  • Friday, April 2 at  IND Airport in Civic Plaza
    • 3:30pm Victoria Nickerson
    • 4:00pm Melissa Taylor
    • 4:30-6:30pm Cohen-Rutkowski Duo
    • 6:30-7pm Cristin Dent
  • Saturday, April 3 at IND Airpot in Civic Plaza
    • 3pm J. Elliot
    • 4:00pm  Tony Brewer
    • 4:30pm  La Buena Onda
    • 5-7pm  The RoundUps

This weekend's line up

Monument Circle

Find it: Northwest quadrant of the circle – 1 Monument Circle, Indpls, IN

This weekend’s performance line-up:
  • Friday, April 2 at Monument Circle, NW Quad
    • 4:30pm  Chantel Massey
    • 5:00pm Cradle Cat
    • 6:00pm DJ Metrognome
    • 7-8pm  Indy Street Dance Session
  • Saturday, April 3 at Monument Circle, NW Quad
    • 4pm  Kayla Behforouz
    • 5:00pm  Albion West
    • 6:00pm  Strangers’ Poems Project
    • 7-8pm Teresa Reynolds

Indianapolis Cultural Trail Connection

Use the Cultural Trail as your guide as you explore all Indianapolis has to offer.

Want to learn more about the full Swish arts and culture performance series? Visit the Arts Council of Indianapolis to learn more about:

  • Indy Public Art Crawl
  • Swish Sidewalk Art Galleries
  • 3D basketball-themed murals

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More About Swish

Swish will shine a spotlight on the city’s creative talent as the city welcomes all 68 NCAA men’s basketball tournament teams and fans from across the nation, while employing central Indiana artists who have lost significant income during the pandemic due to event cancellations and venue closures. The Arts Council of Indianapolis put out a public call for artists in February, and received more than 560 submissions. Swish is funded through a Lilly Endowment Inc. grant received by Indiana Sports Corp. to create a safe, welcoming environment for local residents and visitors during the tournament.

Who’s making it happen?

    • Rob Dixon
    • Lauren Curry
    • Ariana Beedie
    • Richard “Sleepy” Floyd
    • Eduardo Luna
    • Cuong Tran
    • Mariah Ivey
    • Nick “DJ Metrognome” Saligoe
    • Ben Leslie

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