Real Trail Talk

Real Trail Talk: the Levine Family

August 8, 2017

  Who are you? Levine Family (Steph, Elliot, Sophia, Ben…and Rosie (the dog)) How do you use the Trail?   Most evenings, we are either riding our bicycles or walking the trail with our dog. How is your life different having the Cultural Trail downtown?  We see the Cultural Trail as an extension of our neighborhood in Ransom Place. It connects us to our favorite downtown destinations, including the Downtown Canal, Zoo, Central Library, CFI-2 school playground, and many local restaurants and businesses.  The art installations are wonderful too, and make the Cultural Trail more than than just a wide sidewalk. ...

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Real Trail Talk – Libby Simmons

June 14, 2017

  Who are you? Libby Simmons, PR Specialist at Pivot Marketing in Fletcher Place and homeowner in downtown Indy. How do you use the Trail? I use the trail every day! Whether its walking to Mass Ave to meet friends or my Sunday bike ride around the city, I use it in some way every day. How is your life different having the Cultural Trail downtown? The trail makes it safer for everyone. The sidewalks are clearly marked and it’s easy to follow and explore downtown. I worry less about accidents because of the separate bike and pedestrian lanes and the pavement makes...

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